Living with Long-Term Illness

“The advice Victoria gave us was absolutely invaluable.

Victoria gave us the confidence to have difficult conversations with our children and I am not sure our children would be doing as well as they are if I had not had Victoria’s support”

My experience as an Art Therapist working alongside clients and families affected by long term illness enables me to help you both physically and psychologically by providing a safe and confidential space to explore your situation and support you to live positively, with hope during this difficult time.

Long term illness touches every part of your life and those that surround you. I can help if you:

  • Have recently been diagnosed
  • Are living with a long-term illness
  • In remission or given the all-clear but feel overwhelmed by your experience
  • Have a loved one with a long-term illness such as a parent, child or partner
  • You are caring for someone with a long-term illness
  • Are facing end of life personally or that of someone close to you

Being faced with the diagnosis of a long-term illness – whether it is yourself or someone close to you can turn your world upside down. Things you normally take for granted are no longer certain, from everyday routines to future hopes and dreams. You may have to adjust to the loss of your usual roles in the family and at work. Or you may unexpectedly find yourself in the role of a carer. Children and young people often feel confused, insecure and afraid when a parent or carer is seriously ill, and these feelings can lead to problems at school, difficulty sleeping and challenging behaviour.

Fear, disbelief, denial, sadness, frustration and anger are all common and understandable reactions for individuals and families dealing with long term illness. Often family members struggle in different ways, finding it hard to talk to each other about their feelings, leading to tension, misunderstandings and isolation. Therapeutic support can help you to find the joy in living even with the pain of a long term illness.

I work with adults individually and in groups.

I work with children individually and in groups.

I work with parents providing advice and strategies to help them support their children.

“Art therapy has been my lifeline through cancer treatment, it’s helped with the highs and lows.

Victoria provides a space to be honest and openly laugh and cry”