What happens in an art therapy session

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Before we start any sessions using art materials I offer a complimentary initial meeting so I can get to know what you’re seeking help for. This also gives you an opportunity to see where and how I work and to decide if you feel comfortable in establishing a therapeutic relationship with me.

If we agree to work together sessions will be around 50 minutes weekly, biweekly or monthly.

Art Therapy sessions may take place individually or in groups depending upon your situation and goals. During our session’s art materials will be provided, you do not need to have had any previous experience using art materials because we work with the process of making art not creating a master piece. I have pens, pencils, paints, pastels, clay, glitter, collage materials and much more. Of course you can bring anything else that you would like to work with.

I provide a space where I offer structure when needed, can direct activities which I feel will help to process and explore your feelings as well as allowing you to bring what you need to the space.

I set sessions up to have a beginning – where I check in on how things are with you. A middle – the creative part of the session and an end – where we look at and explore the art that has been made in relation to your unique situation. This process allows us to reflect on the past, the present and the future and will I hope give you a sense of ease that you can take with you.

Growing research concludes that Art Therapy improves psychological wellbeing with strong evidence that supports those living with long term illness or those experiencing bereavement improving communications skills, gaining a better understanding of themselves and their ability to cope, leading to a better quality of life full of hope and happiness.